First up, an apology to those of you who I told about the import shipment we were due this week. Alas customs messed up so the beers are coming next week instead. BUT don’t worry, that doesnt mean we’re going without! We worked our magic and conjured up this kaleidoscope of delights:

Humuloid is back!

Cans and keg of one of the most popular beers of the year so far!

Summer Wine cans

These boys don’t like to buck to trends, so no JOOSE BOMBS coming out of Holmfirth any time soon. What we are getting though is 3 perfectly executed pales.

  • Pico Diego pale
  • Diablo IPA
  • High-Ratio Nelson Pale

Verdant and Deya Kegs

Fresh Headband, Marylou and Into the Haze, plus we still have a keg of Pulp lurking in the cellar ready to jump on the taps.




fresh Perler for Svin cans too. oooooh.

Beatnikz Republic

  • Beat Cafe
  • Generation IPA
  • Tropic Fiesta

All in can, all fresh and delicious


Restocks of Attracting Humans and Open to Persuasion. Plus we’ve managed to rustle up another case of the Barrel Aged series. We’ll be selling these as sets of 4, which you could say make a perfect present for any cultural holidays fast approaching…..


  • Sur New England shandy
  • Garden of Eden

Evil Twin

God knows how but we’ve found another case of Old Fashioned Lemonade. This sold out in approx 30 seconds over the summer so be quick about grabbing it.


Magic Rock restock, more Schofferhoffer, Gipsy Hill, First Chop, The Kernel….

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