So this blog is a bit delayed since we have one or two things on at the moment(starting the shop refit and moving house on the same day? SURE SOUNDS GREAT). But we’ve also been waiting to confirm some very special beers that we have coming this week. These should all be in Friday. Fingers crossed


We’ve really swung for the bleachers this week and got in some super rare and interesting stuff. Consider this a test run, like it? Buy it and we’ll get more. Simple. This is all massively limited supply and we wont be reserving or putting online so in store sales only. Yes these beers are expensive but they’re also undeniably delicious and y’know, Treat Yo’ Self.


American Solera – Bright Black Delight

One of our standout breweries from MBCC this year, some of the most accomplished and delicious wild ales we’ve ever tried. We’ve been on the lookout for some of their stuff since May and really happy to have a TEENY amount of this Blackberry Wild Ale coming in. It’s stunning, you want it.


Oud Beersel – Bzart Kriekenlambiek Millésime 2013

A lambic combining the best of ‘Methode Traditionelle’ winemaking and spontaneous fermentation of lambic beers. 400g/Litre of sour cherries are aged on 3 year old Lambic for 6 months before being bottled using Champagne yeast to create a effervescent and frankly mind bogglingly delicious drink. Get it.


Pizza Port – Ponto and Swami’s IPAs

Two of the best the US have to offer. Freshly shipped over and as delicious as can be. Ponto a Sessionable IPA and Swami’s, one of their first ever brews and as classic a west coast IPA as can be.


Wicked Weed – La Bonte Plum

Yes, we know they’re owned by Evil Big Beer now but before they were bought out WW were brewing undeniably some of the finest sour and wild ales in the US. This was brewed before the buy out and you know it’s delicious.


3 Foneteinen – Oude Gueuze and Oude Kriek

Absolute giants of the Lambic scene, now in beautiful new silk screened bottles. 375ml Gueuze to sit alongside the 750ml we have in stock, and 750ml Kriek bottles.



There’s more, obviously. We have some Westbrook Key Lime Pie Gose, new cans from Unity, fresh Beavertown Dame Melba, more Shindigger IPA, SIPA and Mango Unchained, Northern Monk specials including Captain North, Slam Dank and Mango Lassi Heathen. Fresh kegs from Verdant, Cloudwater and Northern MonkMagic Rock cans, more Marble….




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